Red, Yellow, Blue, and, of course, Emerald Green

Inspired by the diversity of her home country Colombia, Melisa Amaya is a fashion and jewelry designer wants to show the world what she already knows. Since birth, Amaya has been ensconced by all things beautiful. Growing up in a jewelry factory, and continuing her studies in 3D design, the designer believes fashion and jewelry compliment each other. “In Colombia, being a fashion designer is not easy”, she explains that the emphasis is usually on trends and that it’s difficult to gain exposure. Regardless of the obstacles, it’s her dream, and she believes it must be followed. As for the garments; feminine, traditional and elegant are the three words that one can associate with Melisa Amaya. There’s color, there’s print, there’s embellishment; but just the right dose of each in these pieces. The shapes are feminine, yet not dramatic. The designer finds beauty in the transformation from concept to final piece. In turning an idea of an object or place into something more feminine and beautiful than its existing state is what drives Amaya. The designer will be presenting her latest “Curiti” collection at New York Fashion Week in September with Oxford Fashion Studio. I’ve been to Colombia before but I’m looking forward to getting a taste of the Melisa Amaya collection and lifestyle. Shhhhhh, there’s underlying high hopes of being transported back there, even if just for a few minutes.


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